Soundshack Records!

Soundshack Records is an independant records and production company based out of Seattle. The company is owned and operated by The French Night Entertainment Group. Our goal at SSR is to sign unique artists, record, manufacture and market them independently. Soundshack Records has introduced artists like Riverbend, Novy Mir and Barin Darnew to the world. We helped design, fashion and jump start their careers and watched them develop and mature into the musical forces they've have become. Now Soundshack Records is home to one of the most extravagant and original talents in the Seattle rock scene, Power of Coming Age. The band has been called "Seattle's best kept secret... and the most original band since Nirvana" by The Stranger.

Soundshack Records also books and puts together private events and live shows across the Pacific Northwest. Artists we've worked with in the past include: The Bad Brains, HR, Riverbend, Power Of Coming Age, Nicole Haleen & The Projects, Novy Mir, Barin Darnew.

For more information, take a look at our Myspace page.

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